Our Alumni keep making us proud. Melissa Arthur, a one-year certificate in fashion design graduate of JACCD was recently crowned the winner of the Glitz Jump challenge during the Glitz Africa Week held here in Accra. Unsurprisingly, Melissa faced stiff competition from other alumni of JACCD. Two out of the three finalists, are alumni of the college whilst the other is still a student of the college.

In an interview with us after her triumph, Melissa had this to say.

Melissa Arthur is both my name and brand name. Before I enrolled at JACCD, I knew how to design and put my ideas together and express them on paper but not how to bring it to life. My sister told me about the school and I looked it up online. I was impressed by their rich alumni. I knew with the right attitude I could also become a great fashion designer. With the infrastructure and tuition, I knew I was in the right place. It was not an easy journey, it had its ups and downs but I was determined to absorb all I could when I was there.


My goal is to run a successful brand that provides world class fashion solutions for females. I will always recommend JACCD to anyone who wants to become a fashion designer because the school provides one with knowledge and skills needed in becoming a fashion designer and a good one if I might say so myself. Many thanks to my family and all those who’ve supported me come this far.”

Belinda, a student at the college and Kwaku Agyenim Boateng an alumni both congratulated Melissa on her win. They both expressed their delight for being part of the rich alumni of JACCD.

Below are some pictures

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