Debora Kwakye

The dynamic nature and competitiveness of the fashion Design Industry require a great deal of tenacity and creativity. This was what I was exposed to throughout my study and grooming at JACCD.

As an aspiring fashion designer, I believe my future in the industry looks bright,

Having been admitted to JACCD on February 2017 to pursue my diploma in fashion design, I was afforded the opportunity to network and learn from great creative minds and make quality connections that are valuable for my future in fashion design.

Despite the fact that I had no prior fashion design knowledge, the hand holding approach and competency-based methodology employed by the school made it possible for me to catch up and even perform to the astonishment of my course facilitators.

The journey has been roller coaster ride and I must say I am fully prepared to step boldly into the world of Fashion.

Key skills like drafting and stitching a garment in 3 days were not acquired on a silver platter. Focus and vision are the guiding principles.

I am grateful for the opportunity to partake as a designer in the Glitz award night on 20th September 2018. It was a great platform to showcase my capabilities. Through my determination, I was able to complete 5 complicated designs in one week for the event.

The outcome was a success.

I thank God for taking me through my education and training successfully.

The end justifies the means, I appreciate the transformation I gained through my experience at JACCD

Designer: Debora Kwakye
Instagram: @d_kwach