It is fair to say that JACCD formerly known as the Vogue Style School of fashion has a long standing tradition of producing top fashion designers.  Sarah Laryea of the Sarah Christian brand, a product of Vogue Style School of fashion era takes us back to 2007, when it all began for her at Vogue Style in an interview with us.

“My name is Sarah Laryea. I am a fashion designer. I am glad to say over the years, I have been privileged to have my designs featured on several red carpets and fashion shows. I have stitched for celebrities like Efya , Becca, Lydia Forson , Irene Logan and Nicki Samonas. .

“I heard about the Vogue Style School of fashion through a relative of mine, after senior high school, I decided to enroll to pursue my dream of becoming a fashion designer. I use to sketch dresses for fun, I had never sat behind a sewing machine before. I was fairly young when I enrolled and I have never regretted it.

“At school, I could feel the love of the teachers, they were really nice to us. Always Encouraging us to do more. I improved on my sketching and everyone around loved it. I quite remember my first dress I presented for marking. I could not take my eyes of myself, and I felt really happy to have done something like that for myself. Mrs. Joyce Ababio helped us a lot, she pointed out several mistakes on our dresses during marking and showed us proper ways to correct them.”

“The one thing I took away from my time at school was finishing and pattern drafting. I owe my finishing and superb pattern drafting skills to Vogue Style.  Now I am proud to call myself a fashion designer. I always admonished my interns to enroll at JACCD because of the training I had there. “

I am looking to build a business fashion house that goes global. I thank all my tutors at JACCD, their training has been so helpful and has stuck with me throughout. “

Brand Name: Sarah Christian